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On this website IMPROVE provides training materials on domestic violence separate for the police, health sector, social sector and legal sector.

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training platform of the EU project IMPROVE .

IMPROVE – Improving Access to Services for Victims of Domestic Violence by Accelerating Change in Frontline Responder Organisations – is a research and innovation project funded by the European Union. IMPROVE expands the training platform and materials developed in IMPRODOVA to better reflect the European multicultural population, diversity of the victims, the important role of the legal sector in dealing with cases of DV and multiple forms and situations of violence. IMPROVE develops innovative teaching and learning tools to strengthen frontline responders’ competencies to identify victims of violence and to empower particularly vulnerable, underserved, and marginalised victims to access support services.

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This content warning is to inform visitors that the website contains information related to domestic violence that may be emotionally distressing or may trigger traumatic memories for some individuals.

The IMPROVE training platform is part of the European training platforms VIMPRODO on domestic violence of three EU projects IMPRODOVA, IMPROVE, VIPROM, which can be accessed via the following link:

In the previous EU project IMPRODOVA a training video for medical (and other) frontline responders managing domestic abuse was created. The video introduces the fictional domestic abuse of ‘Rita’. It shows how the cooperation with other professionals can look to support Rita best.

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We are excited to announce the release of the IMPROVE project explainer video, which sheds light on an urgent issue that affects countless individuals like Charlie. In the video, we follow Charlie’s journey through the complexities of a difficult relationship, revealing the ambivalence and the questions that many people in this situation face.

9 Detailed Training Modules

On this training platform you can choose from different modules according to your interests or needs and switch between them as you wish. Modules consist of specialist information on various topics, contain literature references and links to further information. You also have the possibility to download factsheets, save the summarized information locally and use it for your own teaching purposes. Teaching videos, case studies and quizzes for the individual areas can be found in the various modules or under Teaching Materials.

Teaching Materials

Training videos, case studies and quizzes for the individual areas can also be found in the various modules or can be selected separately from the following teaching materials:

What articles are new on this training platform?

Risk Assessment Integration Module RAIMO

RAIMO aims at presenting the four steps of the domestic violence risk assessment process from risk identification all the way to follow-up. It can be used as a modular tool to become familiar with the domestic violence risk assessment process, risk and vulnerability factors and the purpose of multi-agency cooperation in risk management.